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App; having a workout buddy helps keep you motivated but sometimes they don't live near you, but distance doesn't mean much with you can be fittogether

Skills used: User Research, User Data collection, User Flows, Product Design. Software used:  Figma

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Starting out

These six screens are the starting out point. Here you can see the welcome page, showing you a quick glance of what the app can give you.

Next you can choose what activities you enjoy, can join groups, and what times you can meet up with friends. 

Create your profile, choose your username and get started!

Walk through

The landing screen gives you the option of getting to work, or to log out, this screen is for returning users.

The Home Screen shows you your trends in work outs, when you click on this is shows you more details of those work outs and what each of the bars means. You can see your favorite activities on the home page, these are indicated by a black star. your recent activities are also here for a quick ease to jump back into your activity. 

The Activity Screen is very simple, you have the option of scrolling to find the workout you want to log or to type it into the search bar.

Finally you see the Proffile. This is a very simple profile where others can get to know you a bit more when you are meeting each other and working out together.

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Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 1.55.20 PM.png
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Messaging feature

The main goal of this project was to make a messaging feature for a fitness app.

My take on this was to allow users to connect with people they know and new friends. In the far left of each chat there is an icon of the workouts people like to do most. This allows users to see what their friends are into at the moment and an easy way to find a workout buddy. 

The second screen shows quick response options. Working out is always easier to do when you have motivation and having the options to cheer on your friends through this app with ease will keep people going and motivated!

Your stats

One final big part of this app is how you track your own success. you are able to see your workouts graphed by how many times you log each workout.

This is a fun and easy way for you to see what sports you are into these days or what you have maybe forgot about! 

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